Exhibition Request
Samar’ Public Art projects such as Bhopal-A Silent Picture has been travelling for over half a dozen years across Asia and Europe with the support of Amnesty International. All his public art projects are of no commercial value. The hosting organizer takes care of transporting/ insurance and venue. Please send mail requesting for listings for show details.

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Speaker Request
Samar regularly speaks on professional forums including Photography, Art, Architecture and Design gatherings. He also spends lots of time taking to young students on International school circuits. Subject such as “Sustainability and capacity-building through art” at TEDxVienna to speaking in a rural setting in Rajasthan to students and low income group families on “Importance of exploring various careers and empowerment program” at TEDxShekhavati.

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Internship Program 

For a successful experience, interns should have a strong interest in both the creative and the business aspects of the visual arts. Proficiency with social media and film medium is an added advantage. Good communication, organization, and interpersonal skills are important. Interns should be prepared to adapt to living and working in a new environment. Must have passport and ready with travel documents as required.

Print Sale

Limited Editions Prints, Price available on request.
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We accept Paypal