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Born out of a twin concern, that of Identity & Migration is a project rooted in artist Samar S. Jodha’s two-decade work in China, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. A journey that has often brought him face to face with people and processes relegated to the outer edges.

The canvas for Jodha’s work is replica of each individual’ passport size photo (many were photographed for the first time to apply for their travel document overseas) and with their names representing the basic literacy (many used thump print as their signature before learning to sign their name on a passport); yet these seemingly banal encompass fragile stories of people whose work-scarred hands help construct a society’s ambitions.

The juxtaposition of visuals enables them to transcend their literal specificity, and create metaphors about lesser-noticed facets of human migration. These individual are about common longings, occasional fulfillment and the many disappointments that mark movement of humanity within and beyond borders today.